Faggots Are Destoying Traditional Marriage 0203   

Born This Way?


Fortunately, the Russian Federation is one of the few Countries who have cracked down on degenerate homosexuals (Faggots), Russia has a strict policy on subversion, thats why you will never see a Faggot in authority in Russia, they are not allowed to hold office or serve in any capacity as a representative of the government. Almost every Western and European Country, have allowed gays to force their deviant perversion on their citizens, they give in to every demand that the faggots want. They have allowed the gays to force normal citizens into accepting them, if they refuse they maybe punished by the government, especially if they are a private business owner. Russia has no intention of letting this happen, Russia refuses to let these perverts gain power and influence, Russia realizes the devistation that homo's bring to a country, the gay agenda is simple: Force people to accept their filthy lifestyles and destroy the sanctity of Traditional Marriage. Western Countries have allowed the gays to control all aspects of daily life, they have successfully gained control of the mainstream media as well as total control of the entertainment industry i.e. Hollywood & Broadcast Television. There is not a single news anchor or celebrity in America who would dare to question or criticize the homosexual agenda, if they did, they would become total outcasts in the entertainment and media industry, and become finacially bankrupt. Anyone who dares to stand against the nasty deviants will be deemed a Homophobe, Bigot, Racist and a Thought Criminal. In Russia it is illegal to spread gay propaganda, anyone who raises a "Rainbow Flag" in public will be immediately arrested, and rightly so. Gays offer nothing but destruction and disease, they are the root cause of the spread of AIDS across the Globe, many of the faggots are alcoholics and drug addicts, Why?, because they know deep within themselves that they are not living right and they seek a form of escape from reality.



A great many gays also have a tendency to molest children (Pedophilia), the only reason they are tolerated in the West, is because Ruthless liberal politicians want their VOTES! Liberal politicians have a soft spot in their hearts for these perverted child molesters, because many of them also have a sick aexual desire to sexually abuse young children i.e.("Pizza Gate"). One of the most effective lies that gays have spread, is that they were "Born This Way" unfortunately many people have bought into this lie, they try to rationalize this behavior by convincing people that it is not their fault that they are disgusting perverts, they were born this way, and if a person is born a queer then it must be a natural event and must not be questioned or criticized.

Never Give In!


The worst thing that Heterosexual Men and Women can do is to give up and allow this behavior to spread and become a normal part of society. People think that if they just ignore it and allow this behavior to continue, that there will be no consequences, Normal people think that they are not hurting anyone and "If they don't bother me then I won't bother them." But then the day will come when they will bother you eventually, give them time and they will destroy every aspect of Human Decencey. Maybe you are a Christian, if so you may one day see your Church start to change their views on this disgusting behavior, because the gays view the teachings of Jesus Christ as offensive and so they will begin to censor. A good example is the Catholic Church, they have bent the rules to accomadate these perverse creatures, The "Pope" (Who is elected by men, not God, and has no spiritual power whatsoever and his purpose is to be the head moneymaker) has come out with his Communist thinking and totally accepted the homos. Hasn't the Catholic Church had enough scandal with pedophile Priests, let alone accepting openly gay child molesters? Hopefully one day soon, America and the rest of the civilized World will again reject Homosexuality and join Russia in condemning the nasty Faggots who promote their deviant sexual perversions. A great Worldwide purge is needed to cleanse the Earth of this menace. The homosexual agenda has gained power and influence by leaps and bounds in the last decade like no one has ever seen before, and it must be squashed and soon.

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